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Squat ICT

On the morning of Saturday 29th five Bristol Wireless members arrived at the Red Factory social centre off Portland Square, Bristol armed with one of our mobile LTSP servers, 3 of our posher LTSP client laptops, one of our 30 quid Linux PCs and some bumf about free software and BW to assist in the Opening the Doors to Autonomy day of activities and workshops taking place there.

We set up on a couple of tables on the landing and were up and running by about 11 am. We used a 3G dongle for Internet access and a laptop for routing. We have live burning of give-away copies of various Linux distros and many good chats about social and artist freedom with the people who came along. Through the event, Bristol Wireless were able to support and strengthen our links with the Bristol social activist movement. We also had information available about the next hacktionLab rural hack-meeting to take place in the spring of 2009.

One Response to Squat ICT

  1. Guy December 1, 2008 at 4:01 pm #

    Woohoo it was a very cold morning , but it went very well and was abit of a laugh:) woohoo for veggie slop
    BW supporting the community:)