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Techadventure – one month to go

I was reminded today by a fellow labrat that there’s only one month to go to the next Adventure in Technology – Techadventure for short, as mentioned here last autumn (news passim).

“An Adventure in Technology” is a party which will be held on the 28th February at the Trinity Centre in Bristol (map).

Doors will open at 10:00, admission is free, there is a licensed bar (excellent. Ed.) and the party will go on for as long as we do. You’re also invited to bring along your unexpected toys, your creations, projects and ideas, put them together with others and see what happens. Sounds intriguing (the last one was great fun. Ed. 🙂)

The event will consist of talks (the final speaking programme is still to be confirmed), workshops, lots of opportunities to play and the following demos:

  • Amateur radio and TV
  • MythTV and homebrew STB
  • Robotics and hardware
  • Microcontrollers
  • Virtual reality
  • Music and video
  • Classic and Retro Computing

If you want to get more involved, why not contact Shevek et al via the Techadventure Google Group. Anyway, see you there!