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Yet more wifi DIY… weatherproofing

Regular readers will be aware of the activities or our DIY wifi enthusiast Tony whose adaptation of a humble USB wifi dongle have been documented here before (news passim).

Well, he’s been making further modifications… Bristol is not blessed with the most clement of climates, although its soggy grey skies prevent plenty of moisture for cultures of various kinds to flourish. Needless to say, some weather protection is required for both people and property. Here’s Tony’s low-cost answer for his DIY wifi rig.

That’s right, reader! It’s a baby’s feeding bottle.

However, let’s continue in Tony’s own words:

I have added a baby feed bottle to the home-made dongle enhance to allow it to be left out in the rain. 🙂

This addition reduces the incoming signal strength by about 2-3% !

Like a candidate running for political office over the pond, Honest Tone even gives it an endorsement…

I believe this to be acceptable and recommend this mod!