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Web volunteers wanted for Guyana

Via a very circuitous route, an email forwarded by Paul Webster arrived in your scribe’s inbox yesterday afternoon. Its text reads as follows:

Hello there

I need your help. I’m working with a Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council/British Council/VSO (soup) project which is trying to recruit four or so young adult volunteers to spend up to six-weeks in Guyana this summer running an ICT Skill Share.

Guyana right now has a massive skills gap when it comes to online skills. They had some investment in a national resource centre for using technology in education a few years back – but it’s barely been able to get anywhere because of skills gaps & lack of infrastructure in the country.

Details of the project (including a video that the Guyanese hosts for the project have made explaining it a bit more) here:

But in summary I’m asking do you know anyone who:

  • Is aged 18 – 30(ish);
  • Is based in Britain (or has very close ties to the UK even if elsewhere right now);
  • Has web development, graphics, e-commerce or digital animation skills;
  • Can train / share those skills with others;
  • Can work in a pretty tough environment in terms of climate, context and access to technical kit & bandwidth;
  • Could spend six weeks in Guyana from late June/early July this year as part of a small team

Quite a skill spec I know – but I thought if such people are out there – you are the folk who are likely to know them.

Please do forward on details to anyone (or any networks) who you think might be interested.

One Response to Web volunteers wanted for Guyana

  1. Grey-haired Geek May 4, 2009 at 1:41 pm #

    aged 18 – 30(ish)

    That’s age discrimination!

    Seriously, there are quite a few folks well stricken in years who also have tech skills who’d love to go and volunteer somewhere away from boring old Blighty for a couple of weeks/months.

    Can anyone give a few pointers where us grey-haired geeks can offer to share our knowledge?