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Linux Boot Camp – not a Bristol Wireless event

Sitting on the desk before your correspondent is page 15 from Linux Format edition 119 for June 2009. This is a page entitled ‘Events radar’ and features Linux & open source events from around the world. Looking at June there’s one in particular that caught my eye – Bristol Wireless Linux Bootcamp, Bristol UK, particularly as Bristol Wireless are not the organisers…

Whilst we appreciate the kudos of getting our name into such a prestigious publication, we do wonder how LXF’s hacks have managed to confuse Bristol Wireless with the real organisers of the Boot Camp, our good friends at the University of the West of England (Haven’t you heard of the term ‘decoy’? Ed.), although BW News has reported on both the 2007 and 2008 Boot Camps. Anyway, UWE already has the Linux Boot Camp details online.

How could the good folks at LXF get so confused, we wonder? We are going camping this year, but regard UWE’s Frenchay campus as a bit too urban for nights under canvas. Instead we’ll be off to more rural venues, such as the Wye Valley for Hacktionlab (news passim) and Somerset for this year’s Big Green Gathering.

Anyway guys, it’s gratifying to know we’re in your thoughts. 😉


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