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Dorkbot Bristol – 21st July at PMS

Rachel, the co-host of Bristol Dorkbot writes:

Hi Everyone

I just want to clarify that the Dorkbot next meeting is on Tuesday 21st July at the Pervasive Media Studio. You can sign up at the website for the meet now!

NOTE: the PMS website has it down this evening, so if anyone thinks that its this evening hold your horses there until next week!!!

Aside from a couple of interesting presentations of mystery and wonder next week, we also can reveal the plans beginning to hatch forming from the invites and different opportunities that are being put forward to Dorkbotters.

More to be seen on the website soon.

BTW if you see the website doing strange things they will be moving the site soon to a new server.

For easy quick info you can also go to the twitter stream at

Catch you all real soon.



Co-host, Dorkbot team