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A message from the Company Secretary

keyboardYour correspondent (for his sins. Ed.😀 ), in addition to filling the role of press officer for Bristol Wireless, also acts as the co-operative’s Company Secretary. As a part of that that role the following email has today been circulated on Bristol Wireless’ general mailing list:

Hi all

One of my duties as company secretary is to keep the shareholders’ register up to date and I’ve become aware when issuing notices for recent general meetings that some of the email addresses recorded in the register are no longer valid and that the register does not have physical addresses for some members of the co-operative.

I’m therefore asking all members of the co-operative to contact me on my email address (woodsy [at] to provide these missing details so I can keep the register as current as possible.

As I have to give notice of a quarterly general meeting in the very near future, members’ co-operation would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards
Steve Woods
Company Secretary, Bristol Wireless Community Co-operative