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Bristol Hackspace secured!

Yesterday news was received from Bristol Wireless Chair Pete Ferne on the future of the Hackspace room in Hamilton House. Pete wrote:

For those of you who came along to the meeting in the Hackspace last Tuesday, just a quick note to clarify what is happening with the room at Hamilton House. As you may know we have, until now, been subletting it from Bristol Wireless. As of this month we are now renting the room directly from Coexist.

Thanks to the generous support of Futurelab, Connecting Bristol and the Arnolfini (and not forgetting the support of Bristol Wireless over the last six months), we can guarantee that the rent will be paid at the very least until the end of March.

We are also now set up to accept personal subscriptions and I hope you will consider signing up to pledge a tenner a month to help us grow and prosper. The money will be put towards rent and any other incidental outgoings (a lock for the door, insurance, etc.) nobody is being paid yet. And if you were thinking of playing with any of the XMOS development kits your membership buys you a healthy discount.

More details are available on the Bristol Hackspace Journal and supporters can sign up here.

One Response to Bristol Hackspace secured!

  1. Peter Ferne January 11, 2010 at 5:45 pm #

    Cheers Woodsy, I’ll let you know when we organise our first public training course, which should be in a couple of months time with any luck. And thanks again to Bristol Wireless for their support in getting it off the ground.