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Installing Linux couldn’t be easier

A few years ago I stumbled across a cracking little application which helped me no end as an introduction to Linux. Wubi is an Ubuntu Linux installer designed for Windows. The great thing about this application is that the benefits of the open source world are literally just a simple mouse click away. The installation is made so easy that even my dad managed to do it. Wubi gives you the option of running both Linux and Windows on your PC and – best of all – it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of partitioning and so on. Once installed it will give you the option when booting up, of running Linux or what ever version of Microsoft is currently on the system.

The installer will give you for free, a fully functioning Linux operating system with all the software you can ever need. From experience, Wubi is perfect if your unsure about Linux and are just wanting to explore what’s on offer in the open source world. If for some reason you did find you no longer wanted to use it, you can simply un-install it via ad-remove programs option in Windows.

The system requirements for Wubi are:

  • Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista
  • 5 GB harddisk space
  • 384 MB memory

The installation will give you a choice of 4 operating systems to choose from:

  • Ubuntu with the highly popular Gnome desktop environment
  • Kubuntu with the KDE desk top environment
  • Xubuntu with the lightweight Xfce desktop environment
  • Edubuntu, designed for use in classrooms and schools.

Although Wubi is free, it will provide you with a state of the art, operating system that does not require any activation and does not impose any restriction on its use (free as in freedom).

Installing Linux couldn’t be easier 🙂