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BW accounts now running on Gnucash

It’s been a while (almost 2 years to the day. Ed.) since we last looked at Gnucash, the personal and small-business software that’s available for free under the GPL for Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows (news passim).

Gnucash startup screen

Yesterday in the lab, Jules, our treasurer, announced that he’d migrated the Bristol Wireless accounts from the previous Windows-only QuickBooks package to Gnucash.

Asked for his opinion as to how the package had changed since Malcolm (a friendly accountant who helps with our accounts) looked at it, his main reaction was that it was obviously written for North America and couldn’t handle this strange European fiscal creature called VAT and a lot of the terminology needed changing to match British vocabulary, so it appears that localisation is the main area of work to make Gnucash more useful. Over to you Gnucash developers!