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Young Rewired State 2010

Following on from the release of government data earlier this week (news passim), comes an announcement that Young Rewired State will be taking place again this year from 2nd to 6th August at various places around the country.

Young Rewired State is a hack week for young developers across the UK to go and build visualisations, digital and/or non-digital products using government data, alongside working developers in businesses. Their work will presented to government at the end of the week, either in person, or by live stream.

It’s open to anyone aged 15 to 18 (although certain businesses may not be able to take the under-16s) who can work with data, coding or design.

Full details are on the Rewired State blog, whilst those interested can sign up here (note to the impatient: reading the full blurb first may be worthwhile. Ed. 😀 ).

Hat tip: Glyn Wintle

Update 28/06/10:Rewired State today made the following appeal via its Twitter account:

need some help recruiting 2/3 YP for the Birmingham Yng Rewired State at Talis, young coders 15-18 yrs and free 2-6 August. Help? #yrs2010