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What if all the world ran on Linux?

Tux - the mascot of the Linux kernelJust before Christmas, ran an article speculating on the differences if the world ran its IT on secure Linux-based systems rather than insecure closed source proprietary operating systems. One reason for such speculation is that, for as long as we advocates can remember, it’s always been the next year that’s going to be the year of Linux, especially on the desktop.

To return to the article, author Katherine Noyes foresees five major effects:

  • Life would get far more difficult for malware producers;
  • The PC (in)security sector would suffer too;
  • Less unscheduled downtime for hardware;
  • Savings on licensing and support costs; and finally
  • Better quality software!

Of course Katherine Noyes points out in her piece that no software/operating system is perfect. You can read Katherine’s article here.