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Welcome new volunteers (and welcome back Michael)

Arriving at the lab on Tuesday this week, your correspondent was pleasantly surprised to see that an additional batch of LTSP thin clients had been set up in the lab. He was even more surprised to observe that all 4 new machines were in use and a full-blown lesson on use of the Linux command line being given to a group of 3 people.

The tuition was being given by Michael, a long-standing Bristol Wireless member and volunteer who has done a number of stints with us over the years since our early days in Bannerman Buildings in Easton. Michael is currently unemployed and the time he spends with us as a regular volunteer will, we hope, keep him in trouble and assist in his finding work. 😉

Michael’s pupils at that session were a fine group of fellows known individually as Myles, Gabriel and Darren and they’re all very new to the world of Linux and open source, but they’re already making a great contribution to Bristol Wireless and helping keep the lab buzzing.

Myles has been busy over the last couple of days testing and then securely wiping (news passim) a stack of some 40 old hard drives ready for use in our refurbishment project. He’ll also be assisting us in selling off our superfluous hardware.

Gabriel has finished doing his degree and has some skill in SQL programming, but little practice as yet. He’s busy honing his skills on producing a phone billing system for our VoIP sales under the guidance of our SQL maestro, aka Mr Treasurer.

If what I’m told is correct (if it’s not please feel free to comment below. Ed.), Darren is interested in networking and progressing to study Cisco routing.

A warm welcome to you all and I hope you enjoy your time with Bristol Wireless.

If anyone else out there fancies getting involved in our work, please get in touch.


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