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Another lab report

It’s a busy day in the lab, with volunteers Michael, Jim, Rich, Acesabe and yours truly present and it’s a real hive of activity, the silence punctuated by the gentle tapping of keyboards.

Acesabe is up to something to do with networking of which ordinary mortals like your ‘umble scribe is not meant to wot (nothing’s changed there then. Ed. 🙂 ).

Rich and Jim are working on a proposal for a prospective new customer, whilst Michael, our technically-minded volunteer co-ordinator, is researching running vservers on Debian.

Yesterday we linked the lab into our network with the kind assistance of a friendly electrician, Fred from Good Earth Electrical of Long Ashton. A technical write-up is expected in the next couple of days.

Finally, yours truly is working on his short talk on MediaWiki for tomorrow’s Bristol Wiki Academy (news passim), for which a few places are still available, if you’re interested. 🙂