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What to do with Linux when the cows come home

Friesian_Holstein courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsIf someone asked you what you would do with Linux when the cows come home, would your answer be: “Milk them”? If so, you can go to the top of the class; and no, don’t let the proximity of April 1st lull into a sense of incredulity. Agricultural equipment manufacturer DeLaval makes a robotic milking machine – the VMS Basic (PDF here) – that runs on Linux (and Windows) and can also be operated a wireless remote control.

This amazing fact comes courtesy of a slideshow sequence at Network World entitled ‘The oddest places to find Linux’. Others include drinks machines and motorcycles. The sildeshow is introduced by the words:

Open source isn’t just a license or a coding methodology, to many it’s a religion.

As we’ve previously published the Linux Lord’s Prayer, we’re not going to argue with that! 😀

View the slideshow here. We hope you enjoy it too.