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Advance notice – UWE’s 5th Linux Boot Camp is coming in June

Linux Boot Camp logoNews arrives at the Lab that our friends at UWE are organising the 5th annual run of their popular Linux Boot Camp on 20th and 21st June this year.

Linux Boot Camp is aimed primarily at people who’ ve done their A levels and might be going on to do something IT-related in further or higher education (or that’s the impression your ‘umble scribe gets. Ed.).

The publicity blurb and details of how to book or seek further information are below.

The Linux Boot Camp is aimed at those, normally doing or having done A levels, who want to do practical technical computing. We want you to get in touch with your inner geek!

If you already know how to do some of this stuff, then don’t despair, the structure of the Linux Boot Camp will allow you to explore advanced topics in system configuration.

The event will involve two days of technical workshops exploring many aspects of modern technology and the use of free open source software. During the workshops you will learn how to revitalize your PC (or even resuscitate a dead one!) by installing and configuring Linux on it. Useful skills such as how to set up a home network and web server will be given. You could learn how to make your own router, or how to hack into various set top boxes. At the end of the Linux Boot Camp you will be able to tap into the world of open source computing and maybe set yourself off on a profitable and worthwhile career.

The numbers are limited to about 60 places, so don’t delay.

As if that wasn’t enough the Linux Boot Camp will give you the chance to experience what life could be like at Uni and will look great on your CV or UCAS form!

The Linux Boot Camp costs £30 per person – which includes lunch.

For further information or to book your place contact Kim Allen or Craig Duffy on lbc (at) or telephone 0117 32 84242.