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LTSP round-up

Earlier this week our 2 LTSP gurus, BenG and Acesabe, were busy configuring and preparing a new LTSP suite comprising some donated redundant Rock Clevo T200C laptops as the thin clients. These run on 12 volts and are being made ready for a trip to the forthcoming Barncamp 2011 up in Wye valley (news passim).

This news is a good occasion to go rummaging round the archives and give a fresh airing to the visual record of a previous al fresco excursion of an earlier incarnation of our mobile suite, in this instance to Hesfest (for home educated kids) held back in 2005 at Charmouth in Dorset (can you spot the youthful-looking members of our co-op? Ed.)

(I love the bit where the clients are described as “ancient bricks”. When do we donate them to Bletchley Park, lads? Ed.) 😉

If your organisation would be interested in a visit or seeing a demonstration of a Bristol Wireless LTSP suite, please get in touch.


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