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Coming soon – Arduino workshop

Our friends at Bristol Hackspace are organising a beginners’ Arduino programming workshop on Saturday and Sunday 30th/31st July 2011 at the Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio (map).

Arduino Rhythm Solenoids

By the end of the weekend participants should be able to:

  • Make LEDs light up in different colours and patterns;
  • Detect switches, light/dark, touch;
  • Make sounds drive motors and other mechanical devices;
  • Communicate between a computer and the Arduino;
  • Control lots of lights and make complex sounds.

Cost is £50 or £95 if you want an Arduino kit to keep after the course is over. Concessions are available on a case by case basis; if you would like one, then make an offer and say what great projects you’re going to get up to when you know how to program Arduinos 🙂

Register at Eventbrite.

For more details, please contact: matt (at)