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Happy 30th birthday, PC

Yesterday, 12th August, marked the 30th anniversary of the birth of the personal computer (PC). On 12th August 1981, IBM announced the launch of its 5150, subsequently called the IBM PC.

IBM 5150
The IBM 5150 - 30 years old yesterday.

The 5150 was originally released with a 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 CPU, 16 KB of RAM, 2 x 5¼ floppy drives and a 80 x 24 green on black display CRT. It’s also the machine upon which your correspondent learnt word processing using the long defunct Volkswriter.

As far as technology goes, the personal computer has had a good run for the last 3 decades, although The Register reports that, according to Mark Dean – one of the team responsible for the original PC – its days are now numbered.

For those that think the PC still has some life left, it only seems appropriate to mention that Bristol Wireless still has refurbished PCs for sale, albeit slightly more modern than the one shown above. 🙂