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Copenhagen’s hospitals drop Microsoft Office in favour of LibreOffice

According to Computerworld Denmark, hospitals in Denmark’s Copenhagen region are switching from Microsoft Office to the open source LibreOffice suite. The switch will involve some 25,000 desktops.

Savings costs in the first year are estimated at DK 40 mn., equivalent to 5.3 mn. EUR or some £5 mn.

In addition to the costs savings, the greater speed of bug fixes with open source software are an additional reason for the switch. “There are several advantages of open source. Besides the financial incentive, we also find that the open source community is in many instances faster than proprietary vendors in fixing bugs,” says hospitals spokesman Vivian Thomas.

Once again, such a development further reinforces the UK’s position as an entrenched bastion of proprietary software in a sea of open source change in most of our EU partners. 🙁

Read the original Danish article.