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Gimp enters single window mode

GIMP logoThe H-Online reports that The GIMP, (in longhand, the GNU Image Manipulation Program. Ed.) the most widely used open source, cross-platform graphics program, is to gain a fully-functional single window mode with effect from the latest update to version 2.7.3. The news emerges from a news item from the program’s development team.

In the single-window mode, elements such as the tools or layers menus are aligned alongside the image in the same window instead of being displayed in separate windows next to the image. However, the new single-window mode is not enabled by default; users will have to make that change themselves. Other changes include working session management and a new space-saving hybrid spinbutton/scale widget. New tooltips have also been added to tool options.

One Response to Gimp enters single window mode

  1. MJ Ray August 25, 2011 at 7:15 am #

    I hope it’s still one window per image. Window-in-window multiple document interface is one of the worst user interface mistakes that Microsoft ever made.

    And if so why would you want to waste screen space with a toolbox for each image?

    Not seeing the point of this, really. Anyone?