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Thank you to all our readers

The chief scribe had just been examining our website statistics, as provided by the excellent open source AWstats package (a contraction of Advanced Web statistics. Ed.), and thought readers may be interested in their revelations.

For the first time since switching to a new host and a new platform (running the whole site on WordPress, instead of the previous wiki/blog split), Bristol Wireless’s site has had more than 5,000 individual visitors. This is due mostly to the high number of visits to the ‘Wikipedians meet Girl Geeks and eat cake’ piece (news passim), which alone had had more 3,000 hits.

However, AWstats reveals far more about our website traffic and some of the more significant features are listed below:

  • 79% of our visitors come to us directly, not via a search engine;
  • Most of our traffic comes from the UK and USA, then Germany, although during a month we are visited by people in most countries of the world;
  • We get crawled by search engines several times a day. At the time of writing, we were last visited by the Googlebot just before 7.00 am this morning;
  • The top browsers used by our visitors (in descending order) are: Firefox (44% of visitors), Google Chrome (23%), MS Internet Explorer (13%), Safari (5%);
  • Looking at our visitors’ operating systems, these are more heavily skewed in favour of free/open source ones than the general population – Windows (54%), Linux (23%) and Mac OS (13%). However, the small but increasing percentage of visitors using operating systems for mobile platforms suggests that a rising number of our visitors are now using smartphones.

So, a big thank you to all our readers from all of us here at Bristol Wireless. We trust you like what you see and will keep coming back in future. 🙂

One Response to Thank you to all our readers

  1. Steve Woods September 2, 2011 at 7:56 am #

    Update: 02/09/11: The final number of visitors for August 2011 was 5,424 unique visitors.

    Thank you all; you’ve made the chief scribe very happy! 🙂