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Linux Foundation needs feedback on update to FHS

Linux Foundation reports that just before LinuxCon North America in Vancouver, The Linux Foundation released a draft proposal for an update to the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS). Versions of the draft (in plain text, HTML and PDF versions) can be found at

This draft removes quite a few historical filesystem artifacts, such as /usr/X11R6 and subdirectories in /usr/bin and adds many recent developments, including /sys and /run.

Draft 1 is aimed at getting the normative text of the standard out there for review; thus, a number of issues with formatting, editorial statements and references are still missing. Nonetheless, this draft accurately reflects the restrictions and obligations that will likely be a part of FHS 3.0 in the end.

Feedback is appreciated and very much desired. Comments should be sent to the FHS mailing list (fhs-discuss (at),