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A question from Shearon

Last weekend your ‘umble scribe found a comment waiting in the moderation queue from Shearon, an old friend of Bristol Wireless.

Shearon used to call in to see us regularly for a chat and Linux/networking advice when we were based in St Werburghs Community Centre.

Shearon’s comment is as follows:

yo woodsy how u keepin geez, can u tel me the site to get stuff from for ubuntu. cheers mate

Ubuntu logo

At first I was going to reply to Shearon’s question privately be email. However, mulling things over, I decided it presented an ideal opportunity not only to answer the question itself, but also to give a brief round-up of recent Ubuntu developments by using it as the basis for a news item.

Firstly, let’s answer Shearon’s questions. I’m very well thank you sir and your first port of call for all things Ubuntu is, of course, Ubuntu’s website:

It’s a good time to ask as the first beta versions of Ubuntu 11.10 have just become available. This release is codenamed Oneiric Ocelot.

Of course, open source is all about sharing not just software, but skills too. If you’re a slightly more experienced user, why not contribute your knowledge to help others in the Ubuntu community forums.

In addition to this, Ubuntu has just launched a new website for developers at This site is aimed at both new and developers making their first steps with Linux development, as well as more experienced developers, and promotes the strengths and ease-of-use of Quickly, the development framework from Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.

Finally, I think it’s appropriate to mention that Ubuntu is the operating system we install on our refurbished PCs, so if you’re looking for a reliable, internet-ready machine that’s not bothered by viruses and spyware (like some rival operating systems. Ed.), please contact us.

So Shearon, I hope this more than adequately answers your question and gives you some ideas for other things to do. Thanks for your comment; I bet you never thought it would end up like this. 🙂