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Mr Treasurer’s eeePC – an update

eee PCA couple of years ago, we reported on Mr Treasurer’s eeePC (news passim). Regular readers will be pleased to hear it’s still performing well, as evidenced by the following (slightly edited for greater legibility – although the hashtags have been left in! Ed.) tweets from a conversation between Mr Treasurer and the chief scribe on Twitter over the weekend.

The best thing I ever bought was my little #Asus #eeePC – Has run a #LAMP #stack a treat for these least three years … #Linux of course!

Three years without a single update and still going strong! #LAMP #foss #opensource

Two days work to install proper desktop & #LAMP, followed by 3 years of uninterrupted productivity! #Asus #eeePC

That’s Linux reliability for you! If you’re not using it already, maybe you should give it a try*.

* = In other local IT news, the chief scribe was contacted yesterday by Gus Hoyt, Green Party councillor for Bristol’s Ashley ward, announcing he was going to be installing Linux. That now makes 2 councillors in the council chamber who are users of free and open source operating systems. 🙂