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Tip of the day: go and buy Linux Format

Yes, you did read that correctly. It’s not very often the freetards of the Bristol Wireless lab recommend you spend any money. After all, we like our software to be free in both the beer and speech senses! 🙂

A shot of the first page of the Linux Format feature on BWHowever, for once we’re changing our usual philosophy and encouraging you to go and grab some collated dead tree printing matter from your local newsagent.

Regular readers of our site will know that a couple of months ago we played host to Linux Format‘s Jon Edwards, who hopped on the train from LXF HQ in Bath to spend time with us in the lab in Windmill Hill (news passim).

When the chief scribe arrived in the lab at lunchtime clutching his copy, there were already 2 other copies being read. Needless to say we’re dead chuffed with the feature, which goes right from our earliest inception, which saw us building our own kit and rescuing redundant hardware from skips right up to the present day where we’re looking forward to celebrating our 10th birthday next year (serendipitous facts time: we’re a co-operative and our 10th birthday next year coincides with the UN’s International Year of Co-operatives! Ed.).

Anyway, if you’ve got £6.49 to spare, Linux Format is a great read and comes complete with a cover disc featuring Ubuntu 11.10 and loads of other Linux goodness; we recommend it!

2 Responses to Tip of the day: go and buy Linux Format

  1. MJ Ray November 15, 2011 at 9:52 am #

    Wow. It’s’s 10th anniversary next year too. I thought BW was older. Well done!

    • woodsy November 15, 2011 at 10:18 am #

      Thanks for your comment MJ. Give us a reminder nearer the actual anniversary and we’ll wish many happy returns too! 🙂