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It’s that day of the year again, so show your love for free software

It’s February 14th and all over the world, swains are getting knock-kneed and tongue-tied as they profess their love to the objects of their desire (OK, it’s Valentine’s Day, you long-winded beggar. Now get on with it! Ed.).

Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s just say we’re once again supporting the Free Software Foundation Europe‘s “I Love Free Software Day“.

I love free software banner

The FSFE’s online campaign aims at rising awareness to Free Software and the passionate, hard-working people behind it. Show them that you appreciate their work – it could make all the difference!

Of course, there are many ways of declaring one’s love. Here are just some ideas about how you can go public and proclaim your love to Free Software.

  • E-Mail/Letters: Send active Free Software supporters a message thanking them for their work. Do not underestimate the effects of such a message. As many Free Software developers work hard for their projects without earning money, a big “thank you” / “love you” is like good fuel for their further encouragement.
  • Microblog: Especially on Valentine’s Day, microblog about how you love Free Software and use the Hashtag #ilovefs. Encourage your friends to do it as well; let us try to push our message in a high ranking on Twitter trends and hashtag timelines in and other blogging systems.
  • Blog: If you are a Blogger, blog about the “I love Free Software” – Day and the idea behind it. Get people attracted by the idea of Free Software.
  • Banners: FSFE has set up a page showing different banners supporting the day and that are free to use.

Once again, Bristol Wireless would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved in Free Software from rms down and pledge you our undying love (WTF? Ed.). We wouldn’t exist without your inspiration and hard work.