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Rotterdam mental health provider implements 290 user LTSP suite

EZPress (Dutch) and Joinup report that at the end of last year Rotterdam mental health provider Riagg Rijnmond replaced its ageing proprietary desktop systems with a 290 user LTSP thin client system based on Xubuntu (that’s Ubuntu coupled with the XFCE window manager. Ed.). Riagg Rijnmond was previously using a Citrix-based thin client system, but wanted to reduce its software and licensing costs considerably.

The organisation uses business applications that are fully web-enabled, so that they run without problems on the new system. Moreover, Riagg Rijnmond has also switched at the same time from the horrendously expensive MS Office to gthe free and open source LibreOffice office suite.

The roll-out was extremely well prepared and only took 2 weeks to implement.

The new open source desktop is easy to use, fast and much cheaper. Riagg Rijnmond’s financial controller says: “Now all we need is for the central government to stop sending and demanding proprietary document formats.”