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Bristol BCS Spring School

BCS logoThe Bristol Branch of the BCS is holding a comprehensive series of talks during March on Cloud Computing (aka ‘Fog Computing’ amongst cynics. Ed. 😉 ). The talks will be held at the City of Bristol College in the centre of Bristol. To attend, you’ll have to register and pay.

To quote from Bristol BCS:

Mon 5 March
An Introduction to the Cloud & The Future is in the clouds
To start with Ian Fish will look at risk management considerations and an overview of the security considerations associated with cloud computing – in particular:

Availability of data and business functionality
Protecting data from unauthorised access
Handling security incidents

During his talk, James will be discussing the journey of the Cloud; where it began, and more importantly, where it is going.
Speakers: Ian Fish and James Cook

Mon 12 March
Running Applications in the Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications have unique design challenges that are becoming easier to overcome thanks to cloud hosting and modern development practices.

Speakers: Michael Corbett and Ben Halstead

Mon 19 March
The most common legal and technical mistakes made in Cloud Computing
Assuming that Cloud will reduce costs, increase scalability and make businesses more Agile, the talk will outline the most common mistakes (both legal and technical) that people make in relation to cloud computing and will suggest pragmatic and practical ways of avoiding those pitfalls.

Speakers: Jeremy Holt of Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors. Justin Pirie from Mimecast

Mon 26 March
What’s different about ‘cloud forensics’

A great deal is being said about “cloud forensics”, but one has to ask how this is different from “computer centre forensics”, a subject which attracts no hype, and just happens.

Speakers: James Davenport, and TBD

Costs for delegates: (Inclusive of VAT)

  • £40 for the 4 lectures for BCS members and students
  • £60 for the 4 lectures for non-BCS members
  • £15 per lecture for BCS members
  • £25 per lecture for non-BCS members

For full details see Bristol BCS site.

Hat tip: Bristol Girl Geek Dinners