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A special offer for Bristolians

TCP/IP is the open framework that makes the internet work. Of that framework, we’d like to draw your attention today to the IP bit. IP stands for Internet Protocol, of course (and not Intellectual Property address, as once written by the Digital Britain Minister in the last government. Ed.), and every device connecting to a network is assigned an IP address when doing so.

a mess of cables
Cat5 cable - the spaghetti that helps hold the internet together

The number of IP addresses available depends on the class of the network – either A, B, or C. Bristol Wireless has a Class A network. This means it has the potential to offer 16,777,216 IP addresses.

This is far more than we can ever envisage using at present. As a result, we’re making a very special offer to every Bristolian (our definition = everyone living within the city’s boundaries. Ed.)
Bristol Wireless announced today that, as a one-off gesture, it would be giving 2 IP addresses to every man, woman and child within the City of Bristol for their exclusive use for internet access.

To take advantage of this very special deal, Contact us for more details please get in touch as soon as you can before it lapses. You won’t regret it. 🙂

One Response to A special offer for Bristolians

  1. Sean April 4, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    what can I do with my 2 ip addresses?