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New e-petition

HM Government logoA new e-petition has appeared on the Government’s e-petitions site entitled ‘Migrate all government IT to Linux based systems’ (as it’s in a good cause, we’ll ignore the original petitioner’s woeful lack of a hyphen between Linux and based in the title. Ed. 🙂 )

The body of the petition reads as follows:

Responsible department: Her Majesty’s Treasury

In these austere times it seems that UK government is looking to save money everywhere except in it’s [sic] own “people nuetral” infrastructure. Up to now all savings have come at a cost to the population. However, the vast majority of UK government IT systems are still running on Windows based systems, which come with hefty licensing costs.

Linux operating systems have fully matured and are used by some of the largest institutions and governments in the world. Coming with no licesnsing [sic] costs, following initial migration costs and training costs the savings would be substantial.

We therefore petition the government to undertake a full review with a view to migrating systems to open source systems as soon as possible,

If you think getting Tux into Whitehall is a good idea, sign the petition; signatures are being collected until 30/09/2012.

Hat tip: ratsass