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Council shells out so Hackspace can lay eggs

Connecting Bristol inform us that our friends at Bristol Hackspace will be arranging a workshop to build some Air Quality Eggs which will then be deployed around Bristol. Air Quality Eggs are low-cost environmental sensors capable of sensing NO2, CO2, O3, VOC and radiation.

The workshop will take place in August (the exact date is yet to be arranged) and will be supported by Bristol City Council. The cost is expected to be £40 and potential attendees are urged to register their interest as soon as possible.

Air quality egg image
An air quality egg minus its shell

Read the original Connecting Bristol post.

One Response to Council shells out so Hackspace can lay eggs

  1. bhpImi May 15, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    I’ll be looking out for these around town! Might be a fun opportunity to upload some modified code to those arduinos… 😉