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Kebele on the network

Yesterday Bristol Wireless volunteer Acesabe paid a site visit to Easton’s Kebele Community Coop to connect them to the Bristol Wireless network.

Being the good lad he is, Acesabe kept us informed throughout the process as evidenced by the following sample tweet:

Another wireless link in, our northern most in Easton yet!

He also documented the install by pictures too (as well as doing the all-important technical documentation for future reference! Ed.).

Antenna and Ubiquiti Bullet in situ. Picture courtesy of Acesabe.

From the lab, we’d like to wish Kebele a warm welcome to the Bristol Wireless network and hope it meets your needs better than your previous network provider. 🙂

One Response to Kebele on the network

  1. Acesabe June 21, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    The antenna grid cage is a bit tatty, but functions perfectly!