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Free software and open data: Italy’s Puglia region says yes to both reports (in Italian) that the Puglia region has passed Italy’s first regional law that combines free software with open data.

On Wednesday this week all 48 members of the regional council voted in favour of a new law promoting the use of free software and granting citizens access to all the information and services provided electronically by public bodies.

As regards free software, the following aspects deserve highlighting:

  • use of free software is likely to result in a 15-20% costs saving;
  • choice: Puglia is choosing free software on account of its ease of improvement and adaptation;
  • greater involvement and greater control of choices made.

The fundamental thinking behind the legislation is that all citizens are entitled today to see what’s behind a piece of software, how it works, to be aware the data and the regional administration’s activities.

Puglia also aims to involve the region’s universities, businesses and citizens in helping to overcome barriers to the introduction of e-government services.

Joinup also has a brief report in English on this story.