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Nominet consults on shorter .uk domain

If you own or are thinking of getting a domain name ending in .uk, this consultation could be of interest to you.

Nominet, the organisation that controls the .uk domain, is holding a three month consultation about the potential introduction of a new service known as, which would be specifically designed for businesses which are or want to get online, with a new shorter domain name of rather than

Proposed key features include;

  • verification to check a registrant has a UK address;
  • daily monitoring for malicious software and viruses; and
  • a digital signature to minimise the risks of a domain name being hijacked.

These measures would be supported by a trustmark to give consumers a clear sign that it was a verified domain name.

According to Nominet, the potential additional features incorporated in this proposed new product could help to create an even more secure online home for British businesses. In addition, Nominet believes they would help to guard against cybercrime, which costs the UK approximately £27 bn. per year.

Nominet is proposing that this would be a new and different service will would sit alongside existing domain name registrations under, and

Nominet states that this proposal is obviously significant for anyone involved in the .uk namespace, which is why it is consulting to ensure all views are taken into account.

Interested parties can respond to the consultation either by completing an online form, by downloading the consultation (PDF) and emailing their comments to or by requesting a hard copy of the consultation from