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2012 Swiss open source survey published

In Switzerland open source use is extensive and could make even greater costs savings possible. This is one of the findings of the Swiss Open Source Study 2012 (Open Source Studie Schweiz 2012), which has now been published, Germany’s Linux-Magazin reports.

The study states that, of the 200 companies and public sector bodies surveyed, 93% are already using free software. Moreover, open source use is more likely the larger the company or organisation. The respondents are particularly appreciative of open standards and interfaces. Costs savings come second in the ranking of the advantages of free and open source software. Users are expecting savings of 10-30% in future.

However, respondents still see shortcomings in the availability of commercial open source services in Switzerland, legal certainty for users and end user acceptance.

The unabridged version of the study can be downloaded for free. It is published by Verband Swiss ICT and the Swiss Open Systems User Group (CH Open). The report was prepared by consultants Ernst & Young.