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Basque government unveils open source repository

Basque government coat of armsLast Friday the government of Basque Country, one of Spain’s autonomous regions, unveiled its repository of open source software,, according to a report on Joinup, the EU’s public sector open source news website. Making its software solutions publicly available should encourage other public sector organisations to re-use them and collaborate on development.

The site includes a catalogue of third-party open source applications that links to six other open source repositories, including those of Joinup, Cenatic, the Spanish central government and the Catalan regional government. The site lets users search for solutions on any of these sites. Other repositories will also be added to this catalogue in due course, whilst a second category of software applications, focusing on re-use, will be added to the website soon.

A screenshot of the Basque autonomous government's open source repository
A screenshot of the Basque autonomous government’s open source repository