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Draft EUPL v1.2 updated after public consultation

“What has the EU ever done for us?” is a popular question raised by the right-wing print media in the UK. Well, in addition to the exhaustive list supplied by Simon Sweeney of the University of York in a recent letter to The Guardian, the EU has in recent years developed the EUPL – European Union Public Licence, an open source licence for use by European public sector organisations (news passim).

The EU’s public sector open source news site Joinup reports that the EUPL v1.2 draft and its Working Paper were updated on 31st January 2012 to take account of remarks received to date in the consultation for v1.2 of the EUPL.

The consultation itself continues until 31st March 2013 and the updated draft EUPL v1.2 is available as a PDF.

The EUPL is the first multi-lingual (it is available in the 22 official languages of the European Union) open source licence to have been approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).