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Dresden to host LibreOffice Impress sprint

The LibreOffice project has been offered a project weekend from Friday 22nd March to Sunday 24th March at Dresden Technical University which will focus specifically on Impress, LibreOffice’s presentation tool (an open source alternative to death by PowerPoint. Ed.).

Dresden 2013 sprint logo

The main aims of the weekend will be to:

  • get into the code that is on stage with boatloads of presenters each year;
  • go bug hunting and help bug fixing;
  • find paper cuts and look into usability – life on stage is stressful enough without your presentation software acting up;
  • have a good time and meet new people!

The main venue for the event will be the Beyer Building (map) at Dresden Technical University’s main campus physics faculty (map).

The rough programme for the weekend is as follows:

  • Friday 22nd March – arrival and introduction, knowing your way around Impress;
  • Saturday 23rd March – bug hunting and fixing;
  • Sunday 24th March – wrap-up, future work.

More details are available on The Document Foundation wiki.

This article originally appeared on the chief scribe’s blog.