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Dell resumes Linux laptop sales in UK

Ubuntu logoSome years ago, computer retailer Dell made an abortive, half-hearted effort to offer a limited range of machines – one entry level desktop system and a couple of laptops – running Ubuntu Linux (news passim).

It’s now back with another Ubuntu offering in the UK and Germany, according to a report in the H Online.

image of Dell XPS 13 laptop
Now available in UK & Germany with Ubuntu for less than the equivalent Windows machine

Once again, the offer is restricted to one machine – the Sputnik or XPS 13, a high end laptop aimed at developers. This time round Dell seems to have got one thing right: in the UK the basic machine running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS starts at £899 (excl. VAT & shipping), i.e. £120 cheaper than the same model with Windows 8 pre-installed. In Germany the difference between the free software and proprietary versions of the machine is slightly less at €50, with the Ubuntu offering retailing at €1,050.

While we commend Dell for giving its customers a slightly greater choice, we have a modest suggestion to make to them: why don’t they offer a choice of operating systems between Ubuntu and Windows on all their product range? Or this that too hard for you, Dell?