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Python Software Foundation reaches settlement in trademark dispute

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The Python Software Foundation blog announced yesterday that an amicable settlement had been reached in the dispute over the Python trade mark in Europe (news passim) between the Foundation and PO Box Hosting Limited, which trades as Veber.

The dispute centred around Veber’s use of the Python name for its cloud hosting services and its application for a figurative trademark incorporating the word “Python”. While the Foundation is the trademark owner for Python in the USA, it did not have a filing within the EU. According to the terms of the settlement, Veber has withdrawn its trademark filing and has agreed to support the Python Software Foundation’s use of the term.

The amicable agreement reached between the two sides will result in a rebranding of Veber’s Python cloud server and backup services, which continue to be available at Veber will rebrand the Python services later under a yet to be determined name.

“We are happy to come to an agreement with Veber,” said Van Lindberg, chairman of the Python Software Foundation. “What the PSF wants most is to support the global community of Python developers. To Veber’s credit, they were willing to recognise the Python brand without protracted negotiations. We are grateful for Veber’s support and we wish them luck in their business.”

The Python Software Foundation expressed its thanks the Python community for its support throughout the dispute, both financially and through their campaigning across EU member states.