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Spanish openistas file complaint against Microsoft

Hispalinux logoReuters reports that Hispalinux, which has some 8,000 members in Spain who either use or develop for the Linux operating system, has filed a formal complaint against Microsoft with the EU Commission’s office in Madrid.

Hispalinux’s complaint states that Windows 8 contains an “obstruction mechanism” called UEFI Secure Boot (news passim) which makes it difficult if not impossible for Windows 8 users to switch to Linux and other alternative operating systems.

The complaint was delivered to the EU Commission in Madrid yesterday morning by Hispalinux head Jose Maria Lancho.

The 14 page complaint states that Secure Boot controls the start-up of the computer and means users must seek keys from Microsoft to install another operating system. Hispalinux said Secure Boot is “a de facto technological jail for computer booting systems…, making Microsoft’s Windows platform less neutral than ever”.

The EU Commission has already fined Microsoft € 2.2 bn. over the last 10 years. If Hispalinux’s complaint is upheld, MS’ coffers could be depleted further by Brussels (and people ask, “What has the EU ever done for us?” Ed. 🙂 ).