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Bath University researches internet and cognition

bath_uniThe University of Bath has an interesting research project on the books at present, investigating the relationship between attention and internet use and is looking for volunteers.

This study consists of two phases. In phase I, participants will be asked to complete an online questionnaire measuring their internet use, different aspects of personality traits and questions related to mental health. The total time to complete the questionnaires will be about 15 minutes.

In phase II only a selection of individuals who completed the online questionnaire will be invited to attend the university’s Psychology Lab for further testing. Attendees will be asked to complete some questionnaires measuring different aspects of internet use in relation to specific internet applications (online gaming and social network sites), as well as completing two computer-based tasks. The experiment will last about 30 minutes.

Participation is completely voluntary. In order to be eligible to participate in the experiment, participants will need to have experience using the internet, be aged 18 years or over and have normal to corrected vision.

Participants completing the online questionnaire but who are not selected for the second phase of the experiment will have the opportunity to win a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher. Participants who are selected for the second phase of the experiment will receive a payment of £10 pound for their time.

All the data collected will be kept confidential.

Anyone interested in taking part in the research you can fill in the online questionnaire, whilst those who would like more information about the project are advised to email Maria Nikolaidou: mn325 (at)