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Raspberry Pi boot camp in Bristol this weekend

This Saturday 15th June a Raspberry Pi boot camp will be taking place at At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Bristol BS1 5DB (map) from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Entry to the event is free, but does not include access to the exhibits of At-Bristol.

image of RaspberryPi
Raspberry Pi. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The event aims to provide fun hands-on workshops for beginners through to intermediate level as well as allowing experts to share ideas with others.

Activities planned for the boot camp will include:

  • A drop-in centre for those who have just got their Pi out the box but don’t know what to do next;
  • Workshops on some basic applications for your Pi that you can build in 90 minutes;
  • Advanced workshops to build cool applications involving LEDs and an internet radio;
  • A chance to meet experts and see what advanced applications they have built.

In addition to the above activities, local web agency Simpleweb, will be hosting ‘Rails Girls’ an all-day Ruby on Rails programming workshop aimed at women.

More details are available from the University of Bristol.