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Open data site running on open source: Malta gets it right

Malta’s new open data website is running on open source software, according to Joinup, the EU’s public sector open source news site.

The site, which is run by the Maltese Local Councils Association, uses Centos Linux as its underlying operating system, the MySQL database management system, the Nginx web server and WordPress as its content management system.

At present the site offers a wide number of tourism datasets open for using and reusing, as well as useful and interesting information concerning open data.

Screenshot of Malta's new open data site
Screenshot of Malta’s new open data site

The open data portal has been created as a result of the EU’s HOMER project, harmonising open data in the Mediterranean through better access and reuse of public sector information.

Open Data Malta aims to make available and exploitable Public Sector Information (PSI) related to the tourism sector in order to ensure transparency. By simply opening PSI, citizens can be better informed and participate in the decision making process.