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Bristol 24/7 on broadband connection vouchers

image of optical fibre cableLocal news site Bristol 24/7 carried a post today on the Super Connected Cities’ broadband connection vouchers scheme. The scheme covers 22 UK towns and cities, including Bristol

Under the scheme, companies, sole traders and charities can apply for up £3,000 to gain access to high speed broadband.

However, author Rob Buckland omitted one small detail in his piece: of the approximately 200 companies offering connections in Bristol, only one is based in the city itself, namely Bristol Wireless. This omission was corrected by Jules, our treasurer, in the post’s comments section.

For details of our involvement in the connection vouchers scheme, please see our dedicated connection vouchers page.

The connection vouchers scheme was recently extended to SMEs, sole traders and charities up to 5 miles outside Bristol’s administrative boundaries (news passim).