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Introducing the anonabox

Crowdfunding site Kickstarter has announced that August Germar is currently raising funds for anonabox, a Tor hardware router that will re-route data through the Tor network for security and anonymity.

The anonabox is an open source internet networking device designed to run alongside a current home router or modem. Small enough to fit in a jacket or trouser pocket, the device directs all of a user’s internet traffic via wifi or an Ethernet cable to Tor, where his or her original IP address is hidden from prying eyes, an important privacy consideration since Edward Snowden revealed the scope of surveillance routinely carried out by the NSA in the USA and GCHQ in the UK.

August was originally seeking a total of $7,000 to take the project further, but has already raised 10 times that amount, according to Computerworld. At the time of writing the total had risen to $501,872 and the appeal for funds still had 27 days to run.

August has produced a small video to introduce the anonabox and how it works.

Kickstarter backers can reportedly secure an Anonabox for $45, a few dollars cheaper than what it will allegedly be sold for.

2 Responses to Introducing the anonabox

    • Steve Woods October 19, 2014 at 7:54 am #

      Thanks for the update, Rich.

      Reading the article, the plot thickens:

      David Gallagher, a Kickstarter spokesman, declined to explain precisely why Anonabox’s fundraiser was pulled, citing company policy. He did, however, provide a link as to possible explanations for such a suspension.

      The link in the above quotation covers reasons for suspension due to various kinds of misrepresentation or provision of incomplete information.