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Open data in Bristol goes 3D

Bristol City Council is not unknown for its commitment to open data.

So far it has been building up open data resources in 2 distinct locations: its dedicated open data site and profiles – its data and maps resource about Bristol and its neighbourhoods.

We have now received news from BCC’s Kevin O’Malley that At-Bristol, one of the UK’s leading science and discovery centres, is currently transforming its planetarium to double as a 3D, 360 degree, immersive data visualisation dome, as recently reported by The Register.

Bristol Planetarium
Bristol Planetarium. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The revamp is part of the city’s Bristol is Open plan which intends to capitalise on its tech knowledge and position itself as the word’s first “Software Defined Programmable City”. It’ll be interesting to see how the that reacts when faced with the realities of say, St Pauls or Withywood.

The revamped 100 seat planetarium will feature two 4K resolution projectors powered by 17 computers to deliver a 120Hz 3D model of the universe. It is claimed this will convert the facility into the UK’s first 3D planetarium.

The revamped planetarium – known as the Data Dome – will be the subject of a formal reopening on 18th November. More details will be posted on the Connecting Bristol website when available.

The opening is also part of the Festival of the Future City (PDF).

In other open data news, Bristol is also formally an Open Data Institute Network Node ( Kevin states that the council will be increasing activity and holding regular events in support of this. Once again, details will be posted on Connecting Bristol.