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Mozilla to fund open source projects

Firefox logoThe Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organisation that exists to support and collectively lead the open source Mozilla project (the purveyors of the Firefox web browser. Ed.), is supporting a series of open source projects to the tune of US $0.5 mn., German IT news site heise reports.

The Mozilla Foundation announced a promotional programme for free software in October. In its MOSS Programme the Foundation wants to award US $1 mn. to open source projects whose work is in any way relevant to Mozilla. The first projects, which together will receive a good half million dollars between them, have now been chosen.

the largest amounts are US $200,000 for the Bro network monitor, which forms the core of Mozilla’s network intrusion detection system, and US $150,000 for the Django web toolkit, with which many Mozilla websites have been built. Further awards go to the Mercurial distributed code management system, the Read The Docs website, the Discourse forum software, the CodeMirror Javacript editor and the Buildbot continuous integration tool.