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Free software is our Valentine

Tomorrow is 14th February. Most people know this as Saint Valentine’s Day, when traditionally florists are overworked, restaurants overcharge and a gentleman generally has his motives questioned should he happen to buy lingerie for his lady love. 😉

However, every year 14th February is also I Love Free Software Day.

It’s the day when free software users around the world are encouraged to say thank you to the people that produce the great software that millions of people and businesses use and rely upon every other day of the year.

I Love Free Software graphic

We at Bristol Wireless would therefore like to express our love for free software and say thank you to the following persons in particular:

Along with the rest of the world, we’re indebted to you all.

If you use free software too, we kindly ask you to support this annual campaign, which can be followed on social media with the #ilovefs hashtag.